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Malinau Mercy Home

Malinau is a rural district in the Kalimatian Province of Indonesia. The children here come from destitute families around Malinau, Nunukan, and Bulungan.

To an outsider, Indonesia is a country of rich traditions and serene settings, but in the midst of its serenity, you’ll find senseless violence, repression and extreme poverty. People living in the area depend heavily upon forest products for their livelihoods. Improper harvesting practices has reduced biodiversity and water quality and has limited regrowth of valuable species, leaving the local population destitute and prone to many diseases.

The 2005 Pacific tsunami earthquakes shattered Indonesia, destroying villages and cities, and adding significantly to the despair of the situation.

As always, children represent the group of population suffering the most. Maintaining a home for them in their native region, as close as possible to the villages from where they are found, is an ideal Christian solution in line with Biblical principles.

Malinau Children's Home was established in 2008. The home is managed by Ronny Titahena and his wife Rina. After Ronny graduated from Ambon Bethel Indonesia Bible School, the couple was called to serve orphaned and abandoned children in the area. Thanks to them (and their helper Albertina), Malinau Church Orphan Home radiates a family atmosphere based on love and compassion, touched by the word of God. Would you like to become part of this family?